Sanitizer IOON

Technologies Used: Electrochemistry, Bluetooth, PCB design, 3D printing.


Challenge: Develop a portable & smart sanitizing device to kill germs on surfaces.


Solution Produced: Waterproof case with a cartridge that creates silver ion and ROS (reactive oxygen species), special for sanitizing needs and powers by battery.


How It Works: 

  • fill IOON with drinking non-carbonated water;
  • shake to turn on, a slight vibration will notify about activation of the device and the start of sanitizing;
  • sanitize surfaces, the second vibration turns off the device and disinfecting should be stopped.


Killer Feature: IOON creates sanitizer from water. We put renewable sanitizing technology in reusable device to bring sustainability in personal care.

Remote Keyless Entry & Control Car Device

Technologies: BLE, CAN, 3G, GPS, Low Power, NB-IoT, Car Keyless entry, NRF52


Challenge: Control a car without a key


How It Works: 

  • The device is placed in the car and connected to the car electronics via CAN-bus.
  • The user’s smartphone is connected to the car via BLE. 
  • With a mobile application, the user can control the car engine, open, and close the car without the key


Killer Feature: The user can cool down or preheat the vehicle remotely. A device navigation and speed measurement system based on GPS in real time has been developed and calibrated.  This device allows the user to access the engine control of the car. The car can be turned on and off with the tap of a smartphone.

Energy Management System

Technologies: STM32, Embedded Linux, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, PCB, ADC, DAC, Linux, galvanic isolation, FFT


Challenge: Remote control of the operating mode of home heating devices both automatically and manually


How It Works: 

  • The device connects to the electric system.
  • It analyzes the network payload. 
  • Taking into account network payload, the device distributes power consumption.


Killer Feature: Calculating the optimal energy tariffs and ensuring the economical heaters’ consumption


Technologies: Precision farming,  Machine vision,  Optical navigation,  OpenCV,  Multispectral camera, On-board decision making


Challenge: Analysis of the land cultivation quality and crop control


How It Works: 

  • The GeoCamera is installed on the drone.
  • The multispectral sensors provide optical navigation and indicate interest zones.
  • The on-board decision-making camera transmits the processed data to the user. 


Killer Feature: A real-time remote crop condition monitoring


Salvatio Push

Technologies: BLE, NRF52, Accelerometer MPU 9050, I2C protocol, Low energy,  IDE Segger Embedded Studio,  Altium Designer.


Challenge: Create a compact device that can save lives 


How It Works:

  • The user puts on the device as a bracelet or pendant.
  • The device connects to the user’s smartphone.
  • Salvatio Push monitors the user’s temperature, heartbeat and transmits the data to the mobile application. 
  • In case of a fall or decreasing user’s health indicators, the device informs the emergency service and relatives about the incident. Also, it shares the exact location.


Killer Feature: This device reduces the waiting time, immediately informing emergency service about an incident.