We’ve spent a great deal of time honing our expertise in Machine learning, PCB design, IoT, Smart Connectivity, and Robotics. This translates into business and technical proficiency enshrined in 100s projects boosting startups, middle-sized companies, and even enterprises.

Machine Learning & Machine Vision

Machine learning relates to the Artificial Intelligence area and provides for creating pre-trained models or algorithms able to predict output values based on input data. In other terms, the core of Machine learning development lies in training the model that will find patterns and dependencies in input data to generate predictions or make decisions.              

As for Machine vision, it’s another direction of Artificial Intelligence that is being applied to meet the challenges in Office Automation, Smart Security, Robotics, Autonomous Driving, and UAV Manufacturing. 

Machine vision includes algorithms for detecting, recognizing, and classifying objects by their images. 

On one hand, Machine learning and Machine vision solutions are convenient and fully high-tech, but on the other hand, their development and implementation are time-consuming and require deep expertise to obtain the desired outcome. And Tech-Spark does have enough experience to create ML solutions or Machine vision tools for your company from scratch! 


Being an IoT development company, T-Spark applies cutting-edge technologies to produce useful devices and systems for healthcare, manufacturing, transport sector, smart homes, and smart cities. Our developments are being implemented into modern systems in order to improve the efficiency and safety of smart homes and cities. 

IoT and IIoT hold great promise, so you can be sure that investment in these areas will drive outcomes, benefiting consumers, as well as safety and efficiency of production.

Smart Connectivity

Neither smart home devices nor modern industrial systems can work without the latest connections and wireless types of communication. T-Spark team designs and develops the most suitable wireless network and communication topologies. We introduce and implement wireless technologies, including: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, LoRa, NFC, RFID, GSM / GPRS / 3G / LTE.

Smart Home

Our team develops modern smart devices that allow you to control your home remotely with the help of a smartphone. Smart home solutions ensure maximum safety by managing security access and interconnected devices and optimize energy consumption to save up to 80% of resources.

Smart City

Our experts successfully develop and integrate a whole range of solutions into the smart city system, while increasing the level of comfort, safety, quality, and efficiency of service in various areas. Infrastructure and environment are gradually improving through smart city solutions leveraged by T-Spark.


Robotics development consists in automatization of industries by introducing various robots and drones. Our specialists develop complex solutions for navigation, transportation, data processing by robots, etc. 

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