The Turtle

Technologies: Optical SWARM navigation, LoRa MESH, STM32 motor control, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Embedded Machine Vision, Machine Learning, Obstacle avoidance.


Challenge: An exploration and navigation in hard-to-reach places without GPS and Internet access


How It Works: 

  • User sends a Lead drone to the mission by gestures or voice.
  • The SWARM of drones follows the  Lead drone according to SWARM configuration.
  • The Lead Drone communicates with the SWARM elements via the LoRa MESH network.
  • The SWARM has a hive mind, so the data is freely transferred between the elements.
  • The SWARM provides the digital map of the explored area.



Killer Feature: The drones detect and avoid obstacles along with building digital maps applying a SWARM hive minding, Indoor Navigation technologies, unique algorithms of gesture recognition, and voice control.